Las Vegas Casino Name Changes and Card Cases in Bulk

On this Saturday, June 22nd when our newsletter goes out, some of you may be over at the South Point Hotel and Casino enjoying the last day of this year’s Casino Collectibles Association show. We will be over there all day to 3:00 PM. So, if you are in Las Vegas, come by and see us.

This week, a few updates in Las Vegas. If you have not heard yet, the rumor out there is the SLS is going to change its name back to the Sahara Hotel and Casino and not the Grand Sahara Resort name. If it’s true, it will no doubt resonate with some people in a nostalgic way. We are going to have to wait and see on this one. However, we think this is a good move for the North Las Vegas Strip property.

In other news, the Stratosphere is continuing its transition to The Strat. A new show just opened recently called Celestia that is being billed as “Acrobatics, artistry, and illusion.” Lots of renovations and redesigns have been going on over there.

In honor of these two casinos, we are letting you know about our casino decks from the Stratosphere and Sahara that you can get in bulk quantity for a discounted price.

You can purchase a case of 144 Stratosphere decks for $72.00. That’s 50 cents a deck for a case of Stratosphere decks you can purchase clicking the photo below:

On the Sahara decks front, we have cases of brand new decks in one color or half and half. You can get a full box of orange, purple or half orange and half purple. One color boxes are $150 and a mixed box is $175. Purchase clicking the pictures below:

If you are just looking for some individual decks, we have Stratosphere decks for $1, used Sahara decks for $2.50 and new Sahara decks for $3.00. Those can all be purchased below clicking each picture as well.


Now Get Five $5 Commemorative Chips for $20 at Spinettis in Las Vegas: 

A new special we have is that if you buy five $5 commemorative chips from us, you get the whole lot for $20 in our store in Las Vegas.

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