Happy Holidays & Season’s Greetings from Spinettis

The entire team at Spinettis Gaming Supplies would like to wish you a Happy Holiday season. We also want to wish you a Happy New Year from the Entertainment Capital of the World. Thank you for your continued support through one of the most challenging years for everyone. We hope to see you back in Las Vegas in 2021 as things get back to a more positive state.

Today, we are going to talk with you about casino chips that were made for Christmas. In the past, commemorative chips were more common at the casinos. In the 2000s, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas had a variety of different Christmas $5 casino chips. There is also one you will see below with the saying So This is Christmas? Of course, one would think immediately of John Lennon’s song with the same name. Las Vegas headliner and international music superstar Celine Dion also has her own version of So This is Christmas.

Additional casinos who have done chips for Christmas include Mahoney’s Silver Nugget, Opera House and the Las Vegas Club.

Below, you will find all of those Christmas chips to view and purchase. You can buy each one by clicking on the picture of the chip. There is also an ornament from Harrah’s for sale.


Las Vegas Club $5 Holiday Chip             Opera House $5 Holiday Chip


Silver Nugget $5 Chip                           Hard Rock 1995 Christmas $5 Chip


Hard Rock 1996 Christmas $5 Chip     Hard Rock 1997 Christmas $5 Chip


Hard Rock 1998 Christmas $5 Chip     Hard Rock 2002 Christmas $5 Chip


Hard Rock 2005 Christmas $5 Chip     Hard Rock 2006 Christmas $5 Chip


Hard Rock 1999 Christmas $5 Chip     Hard Rock 2000 Christmas $5 Chip


Hard Rock So This is Christmas? $5 Chip    Hard Rock 97 Xmas Chip


Hard Rock Holiday Pins on Ebay: 

Additionally, check out these Hard Rock holiday pins on Ebay. You can purchase each of them clicking the picture below: 


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