Guinness World Record of $1 Chips/Tokens at Spinettis

Next month, here in Las Vegas at Spinettis Gaming Supplies, Gregg Fisher will attempt to set a new Guinness World Record for the biggest $1 chip/token collection. The current record is 802 chips/tokens. Mr. Fisher has 818.

His collection of $1 chips/tokens will be on display at Spinettis Gaming Supplies on October 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th at our address of 810 S Commerce Street Las Vegas, Nevada 89106. 

Back in 1975, Gregg Fisher first came to Las Vegas and has fond memories of playing at the Desert Inn Hotel and Casino. While playing Seven Card Stud, he heard a familiar voice in the background. It was legendary entertainer Dean Martin of The Rat Pack. The evening result led to Mr. Fisher winning $40.

Over his life, he has played in poker events all across the country and cashed in a variety of prominent poker tournaments from the WSOP and WPT circuit.

Mr. Fisher hopes that people take the time to learn about gaming history in America. In a biography sent along to us, he said this:

“I would like to encourage anyone and everyone to learn about the history of gaming in the United States. It’s been part of the fabric of our way of life since the old west. I hope my story will inspire someone to begin their journey, and, one day have their name in the Guinness Book of World Records.”

Gregg currently has over 4000 chips and tokens. 818 of them are $1 chips/tokens. It will be a new Guinness World Record. Stop by and see it at our store in Las Vegas.  

In celebration of Gregg’s accomplishments, today we look at some of our favorite $1 chips. From the last Stardust $1 chip on the tables before closing to the hard to find Margaritaville $1 chip (we currently have one in stock), you will find some of our favorites below. You can purchase each clicking the picture. All of these are worth having in your collection:





Additionally, here are some of our favorite $1 non-Nevada state chips that are worth having in your collection we’ve recently posted on the website. All of these chips are only between $3 to $5.




Starting this Sunday evening, we’re going to have a great selection of new chips to bid from on Ebay. You can find them clicking the picture below:

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