Fourth of July and Patriotic Chips

In honor of Fourth of July weekend, we wanted to show you some of our Fourth of July, patriotic and military branch items for sale. We also wanted to thank everyone who has served this country and helped us continue to maintain our freedom.

To begin, find below our fantasy chips and poker card guards for the different branches of the military. The fantasy chips are only $3 and the card guards are only $9.95.





If you know anyone serving in the Navy or is a veteran, this Navy poker chip set with the case for $44.95 is a great deal. You can find more information and purchase the set by clicking the picture below:

Second, we have listed some new patriotic, flag and Fourth of July chips below for sale. All of these chips are only $6 each except for the Four Queens chip. That chip is $12. 

You can purchase each chip by clicking the picture below:




Resorts World Las Vegas Chips Now Available:

If you are interested in purchasing the new chips from Resorts World, we have them in stock. You can purchase the $1, $5 or $25 chip by clicking the picture below:


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