El Rancho Vegas to Stardust: New Casino Chips Online

In the history of Las Vegas, there are two places that are an important part of the city’s history. Today, we are going to look at how at the El Rancho Vegas and Stardust. We are going to talk about some of the firsts and how things changed in Las Vegas from the era of the El Rancho to the era of the Stardust.

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El Rancho Vegas: Opened April 3, 1941

One: At the time it opened, El Rancho Vegas had the biggest dining hall in all of Las Vegas.

Two: There were only four table games when it opened. There were two blackjack tables, a roulette table, and a craps table.

Three: Performers such as Eartha Kitt and Jane Russell entertained crowds. It became the beginning of entertainers performing at resorts on the Las Vegas Strip. Today, the city has many headliners.

Four: El Rancho’s Midnight Chuck Wagon started the era of the buffet in Las Vegas.

Five: The resort was built for $425,000.

Stardust: Opened July 2, 1958

One: The Stardust Hotel and Casino had over 1500 rooms.  

Two: The Stardust was part of the early era of major production performances on the Las Vegas Strip. The famous show at the opening of the Stardust in 1958 was Lido de Paris.

Three: In 1967, the famous neon sign would become one of the signature symbols in Las Vegas and advertise the city and future resorts with bright light signs beyond your wildest imagination. It cost $500,000.

Four: The Stardust had the Las Vegas Strip’s only drive-in movie theater in history.

Five: One of Las Vegas’s most famous headliners, Siegfried and Roy got their start there.

How things changed from the days of the El Rancho to the Stardust:

By the time the Stardust entered the Las Vegas Strip scene, the gaming expanded well beyond the days of the El Rancho Vegas that had only a handful of tables. Additionally, the hotels like the Stardust, multiplied many times the size of the days of the El Rancho Vegas. The Stardust would usher in an era of big production performances that included their own Lido De Paris. The neon Stardust sign was a true changing point in Las Vegas where the bright lights shined bigger than ever.

The Stardust had multiple entertainment options and things to do that included a drive-in movie theater. Siegfried and Roy became one of Las Vegas’s biggest headliners in history. Venues like the Stardust were able to give them that kind of platform. The El Rancho Vegas resort cost $425,000 to build originally. In 1967, the famous neon sign cost $500,000. The amount of money invested in Las Vegas casinos and resorts skyrocketed in such a short period of time.

The 1960 fire to the El Rancho Vegas ended that resort and casino. With what became of the Stardust, it probably would have been hard for the El Rancho Vegas to keep up and compete.

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