Condado Casino Chips from Puerto Rico
Today, we have listed a set of cool casino chips from the Condado Casino in Puerto Rico. Located at Ashford Avenue, the resort had different names during its existence.
The casino had 40 years of operation. Reportedly, it closed in 2015 due to an increase of various gaming machines in the country. 
You will find chips from all the different names the casino had below. 
You can purchase each chip by clicking the picture: 
                                 Condado Beach $1 Chips 
                             Condado Beach $1 Chips 
                       Condado Beach $1 Chips 
                    Condado Beach $5 Chips
Condado Beach $25 Chip               Condado Beach $100 Chip
Condado Holiday Inn $1 Cancelled      Condado $1 Holiday Inn Chip
                         Condado Holiday Inn $1 Chips 
Condado Holiday Inn $5 Baccarat    Condado Holiday Inn $5 Chip
Condado Holiday Inn $5 Chip              Condado Holiday Inn $5 Chip
Condao Holiday Inn $20 Chip    Condado Holiday Inn Baccarat $100
                                 Condado Plaza $1 Chips
Condado Plaza $1 Chip                          Condao Plaza $2.50 Chip
                                Condado Plaza $5 Chips 
                          Condado Plaza $5 Chips
Condado Plaza $5 Chip 

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