Casino Chips with UV Security

The pictures below are not altered or photoshopped. They are actually real pictures of casino chips under black light.

If you did not know already, get a black light and run it over all of your casino chip collection. You may find some surprises you did not know about. Chip manufactures Paulson, Chipco and Bud Jones all have UV chips.

From a hat and cane symbol on Paulson to BJ on Bud Jones to different words on the Chipco chips, there are a lot of exciting symbols hiding below the surface of your casino chips.

You can see with a black light and they appear in all different sizes.

Some of the most famous and interesting ones are from the Luxor Hotel and Casino on the $1 chip. These are from Chipco. They have a lot of different Egyptian words you can see when you run the black light. They include Egypt, Pyramid, Tut, Nile and even Luxor. You can see some pictures and examples of those below and can purchase by clicking the pictures below:




Here is the chip without the black light over it:

We also went through our casino chip collection tray and ran the light over many of our chips. You can see the results below. Hopefully, we found something new you were not aware of. The earliest examples of these chips we were able to find were from the Sands Hotel and Casino, Binion’s Horseshoe Club and the Dunes Hotel and Casino. It is time to get a black light if you already do not have one. Finally, if you’d like to purchase any of these chips, you can click the picture of each one below to do so as well.


   Bellagio Casino $1 Chip 1998   -               Under the black light


Barleys Casino Chip 2002   -                         Under the black light


Horseshoe Club Casino $1 Chip 1989  -   Under the black light 


Red Rock Casino $2 Chip 2006   -                 Under the black light 


  Wynn Casino $2 Chip 2005 -                          Under the black light 


Wynn Casino $3 Chip 2005  -                           Under the black light


Artichoke Joe's $4 Chip 1993 -                        Under the black light


Crystal Bay Club $5 Chip 1990  -                   Under the black light


Four Queens $5 NCV Win Card Chip 2001 - Under the black light


Circus Circus Las Vegas $5 Chip 1991 -   Under the black light 


Sands Casino $100 Baccarat Chip 1980s - Under the black light


Dunes Casino  $500 Chip 1989 -                   Under the black light 


Dunes Casino $1000 Baccarat Chip 1989 -  Under the black light

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