Casino chips for sale from Aruba: Volume 2
Today, we listed more casino chips from Aruba on our website for sale. 
This set includes chips from the King International. It was opened from 1972 to 1985. The chips from this casino are some of the most popular ones in the collecting community. 
You can purchase each chip by clicking the picture below:
HarbourTown $1                                        HarbourTown $5 
Grand Holiday Casino $1                 Grand Holiday Casino $5
Grand Holiday Casino $1                    Hyatt Regency $2.50
King International $1                                 King International $5
                         King International $5 Chips
King International $25                              Palace Casino $1
Palace Casino $5                                Palace Casino $1
Palm Casino $5                                 Royal Cabana Casino $1
Royal Cabana Casino $5

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