Casino and Gaming Items for 2020

It is that time of year again where we tell you about some casino and gaming items you could use in 2020. I hope everyone has been having a great holiday season.

One: American Casino Guide

You get over $1000 worth of coupons to use in a variety of casinos in Nevada and beyond for only $19.95. It is also a great resource for all the casinos in the United States. Use two or three of these coupons on gaming and buffets and it will no doubt pay for the book. Click the picture below to purchase.

Two: Talking Poker Pals

If you are looking for an absolutely great conversation piece at the poker table, why not purchase one of our talking poker pals. Each character says a variety of very funny things. Choose from The Dude, Card Shark, Ace and Lucky the Leprechaun. This weekend, our Talking Poker Pals are on sale for $8.49 each down from $9.95. Click the picture below and the discount will automatically apply at checkout. The promo code if needed is pokerpals for checkout.



Three: New transparent Plastic Card Cases for Only $1.50 Each

What makes these card deck boxes unique is that the box that your casino or any poker size cards come in, will actually fit in the card deck box as well. That box the cards come in is known as tuck. The card case can also fit poker size and bridge size cards out of the box as well. These boxes are also very durable plastic. For only $1.50, why not pick up a few? Click the picture below to purchase and to see a video of it on YouTube:

Four: Diamond Rubber for your Craps Table is 20 percent off this Weekend Only

Year-round, we get people coming into our store who need diamond rubber for their craps table. This weekend only, get either our black or green diamond rubber for 20 percent off of our regular price of $69.95. By clicking either picture below, the discount will show up at checkout. If promo code is needed, enter diamondrubber at checkout.


Five: Craps sticks in three different sizes: 36 inch, 42 inch and 48 inch

Speaking of craps, we offer three different sizes of crap sticks that are 36 inch, 42 inch, and 48 inches long. You can purchase the correct size you need clicking the photos below. Each size is $20.

36-inch craps stick:

42-inch craps stick:

48-inch craps stick:

New Circus Circus $1 Chip

The newest chip in the Las Vegas Strip casino world is Circus Circus. You can purchase their new $1 chip clicking the picture below for only $3.00 each.


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