Caesars Palace Entertainers/Commemorative Casino Chip Sale

This weekend, we have listed many Caesars Palace $5, $25 and $100 chips for sale. The chips are from entertainers who headlined the resort including Celine Dion, Bette Midler, Gloria Estefan and Shania Twain.

Additonally, there are other commemorative chips for different events and landmarks at the Las Vegas resort.

You can find some of them below for purchase. Click here to see the entire inventory for sale.


                            Celine Dion $5 Chips


                        Celine Dion $5 Chips 


Celine Dion $5                                  Gloria Estefan $5 


                               Gloria Estefan $5 Chips


                             Shania Twain $5 Chips 

George Burns $5


                              Celine Dion $25 Chips 


 Celine Dion $25                                         Gloria Estefan $25 


                                   Celine Dion $100 Chips 


Celine Dion $100                                            Bette Midler $100


Other Caesars Palace Commemorative chips: 


Caesars Palace 35th Anniversary        Caesars Palace 40th Anniversary


                                 Caesars Palace 50th Anniversary Chips 


                               Caesars Palace Forum Shops Chips


Planet Hollywood Grand Opening                         Magic Empire 


                              Davis Cup $5 and $25 Chips 


                     Caesars Palace $25 Forum Shop Chips 


Planet Hollywood Grand Opening $25         Magic Empire $25       

Caesars Palace 40th Anniversary $25   Caesars Palace 50th Anniversary $25


                 Caesars Palace $25 and $100 Millennium Chips


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