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Las Vegas is known as one of the world’s fight destinations. For decades, some of the biggest boxing matches including the likes of Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Muhammad Ali, George Foreman and others have occurred here. Most of those fights have taken place at Caesars Palace, MGM Grand and Las Vegas Hilton.

For some of these fighters and matches, casino chips were made. Below, you can see our collection of boxing chips for sale. You can purchase each by clicking the picture below:


MGM: Gonzales vs Bowe $5             MGM Chavez vs. Randall $5


Fiesta: Danny Lopez $5                 Four Queens: Joey Giambra  $5


Palace Station: Iran Barkley $5           Silver Nugget $5: Mike Tyson


Palace Station: Dana Rosenblatt $5    Paris: Lennox Lewis $25 


Paris: Lennox Lewis $25               Mandalay Bay: Lewis vs. Tua $25


MGM Grand: Sheldon vs. Tyson $25      MGM Grand: Tyson He's Back $25


Las Vegas Hilton: Lennox Lewis $25     George Foreman Token: Ebay 


Additionally, we have these very cool displays of chips and tokens from the MGM Grand. You can purchase each by clicking the picture below:



Casino chips

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