Bahamas Casino Chips and History

All across the world, people travel to the Bahamas for its amazing beaches, nightlife and sun. Like Las Vegas, the Caribbean-island country has hotels and resorts for all budgets. The Bahamas also has casino gambling.

According to, there have been approximately 30 gaming establishments in the history of The Bahamas. Gambling in the Bahamas goes as far back as 1920 when the Bahamian Club was opened in Nassau until 1960.

Over the years, some popular brands have also made their way to the island. From 1978 to 1983, the Playboy Club had its own hangout and casino at Cable Beach at the Ambassador Beach Hotel. At the Harley Davidson stores in both Freeport and Nassau, custom chips have been made for those locations.

Atlantis Casino on Paradise Island and Baha Mar in Nassau are two of the most known casinos currently open there. Atlantis has over 700 slots and 85 table games. Baha Mar offers 18 different kinds of table games you can play.

Below, we have just listed a new collection of chips from casinos past and present in the Bahamas.

You can purchase each chip by clicking the picture below:


Bahamian Club $5                                  New Bahamian Club $1


New Bahamian Club $5                                 Cable Beach $1


Cable Beach $2.50                                    Cable Beach $5


Crystal Palace $2.50                                Crystal Palace $5


El Casino $1                                               El Casino $5 


Genting Casino $1                                    Genting Casino $5


Lucayan Beach $1                                  Lucayan Beach $1


Lucayan Beach $2.50                       Paradise Island Casino $1  


                            Paradise Island Casino $1 Chips 


Paradise Island Casino $1                          Paradise Casino $2.50


Paradise Island Casino $5                          Paradise Island Casino $5


Merv Griffin's Paradise Island $5                 Playboy Club 50 Cent


Princess Casino $1                                     Princess Casino $5


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