A Golden Age Casino, California Club

In 1958 on the corner of First Street and Fremont Street the California Club opened its doors; at the time it was located in the Heart of Las Vegas.  With the train station located just a few short block away, 1950's Fremont Street was to Las Vegas what the Strip is today.  When the California Club was opened by owners Phil Long and George Milford they envisioned it as purely a casino without any hotel rooms.  Locals and tourists flocked to this casino and it successfully operated for fifteen years.

In 1973 the California Club was sold to Steve Wynn shortly afterwards it was combined with the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino.
California Club Chip from the 1950's 
Here at Spinettis we have collector Casino Chips from all eras of the California Club.  From its earliest days of the 1950's to its last days in the 70's.
California Club Chip from the 1960's 
This chip from the California Club dates from the Golden Age of Las Vegas and makes a wonderful addition to the any chip collection.
California Club Chip from the 1970's.
This chip dates from the waning days of the California Club.  Before it was bought by Steve Wynn and incorporated into the Golden Nugget.  This is a must have chip to complete any collection of 1970's era chips.
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