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No Cash Value Chips

No Cash Value (NCV) chips come in many different forms and serve many different functions with the Casinos. Poker tournaments are one of the primary users of NCV chips; however, many other table game tournaments, such as Blackjack and Craps, utilize these style of chips. In a different form they are also used on the roulette tables, generally in 8 different colors with a value assigned by the dealer pending the players wishes. Roulette chips are not cash-able. Another use is by junket operators, chips that are not cash-able are given to players as they arrive. They can be played only, not cashed. If a player wins the bet, they are given a cash-able chip of the same value. If they lose, the chip is dropped into the dealers cash box.

Dunes Roulette Chip 

Roulette Chips

Roulette Chips come in many different colors, table numbers and or table letters. They do not have a value on them, but are a great option if a regular rack is not available for the specific casino.
In our retail store we have specific Roulette chip binders for you to browse and shop from.
Tropicana No Cash Value Chip
No Cash Value Chips
Like the Roulette Chips the No Cash Value Chip are often a way for the beginning collector, or the collector on a budget, to acquire a chip from a closed casino whose chips are traditionally cost prohibitive or rarely come on the market.

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