A Legend in his own League, a part of Las Vegas leaves us. Jackie Gaughan's legacy and history will always be remembered.

 October 24, 1920 - March 12, 2014

Las Vegas has a long line of history that has been covered in many books. Everything has been covered from what Las Vegas' infancy was like to the golden era of old downtown and even the demolition of casinos that were taken down to make room for the new era of mega resorts. There are certain places and people that light up the city of Las Vegas like no other has. One of them that was Jackie Gaughan.

He grew up in Omaha, Nebraska where his career with the gambling industry began. Starting off as a book marker in horse racing he  eventually made his way to Las Vegas in 1950.

Once there he quickly ventured into the casino business by purchasing a stake in the Flamingo casino. He continued by purchasing a stake at the Boulder Casino and then purchased the Las Vegas Club in 1961. He then bought the El Cortez in 1963, which he lived in until his death.

He was not done though, in 1983 he purchased what became the Gold Spike and also partnered up with Sam Boyd and Howard Cannon to open the Union Plaza casino which later was renamed to Jackie Gaughan's Plaza. He also invested in the Golden Nugget, Royal Inn and the Showboat.

Jackie Gaughan was well known for always working hard in his casinos. He was on the casino floors interacting with his casino guests and had a great working bond with his employees. He always had a outstanding relationship with the community and will never be forgotten.

Jackie Gaughan will be missed by many including us but his memory will always go on as one of the founding fathers of Las Vegas.

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