RARE Nevada Prison Casino Tokens!

This Sunday we will have individual casino tokens that come from the Nevada State Prison Carson City's penitentiary. These tokens are a great find and are very rare.


From 1932 until 1967 blackjack, craps, poker, rummy and sports betting were available to the inmates as a recreational activity. Inmates operated inside a building that was called "the bullpen." The bullpen was an old building in the prison that was converted into a casino.   The inmates who ran the games needed to have enough money to finance the games. They would also need the warden's approval and pay a fee per game every six months. All profits made in these games would go into the inmate welfare fund.


One inmate that ran some of the casino games in the Carson City prison casino was Joe Conforte who was the former owner of the Mustang Ranch. He added horse racing to the betting games that were allowed inside the prison.

The casino was controlled by having all gamblers background checked beforehand. The consequences were severe if caught cheating. If caught, the inmate would have to be transferred out-of-state to avoid any danger to his life. The casino remained open until 1967 when a riot occurred inside the prison. This caused all gambling activities to stop. Shortly after, a bill was introduced and passed to have the casino inside the prison closed down. These tokens contain fascinating history and a great look at what was once allowed. Do not pass up your chance to obtain these tokens. They will be up for auction for a week.

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Paulus de Haan

Paulus de Haan

How many of the $5.00 Nevada Prison tokens were minted and who minted them?

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