Almost any day of the week we get asked questions about which Casinos have changed their names, closed down, what has happened to them or which casinos will be closing. Here are some of the most recent news. O'sheas closed late April, in its place will be a project currently known as Linq. We have both chips and cards available for purchase just click on the links below!   The Linq project will involve the creation of:
  • 178,000 sq feet of restaurant, bar, and club space.
  • 37,000 sq feet of retail space
  • 70,000 sq feet of entertainment venue space
Here is also an interview Fox did with Rick Caruso who was hired to create Linq about how Linq will change our city Las Vegas.   Las Vegas Hilton changed its name to Las Vegas Hotel after their franchise license was terminated in late June. Even with the name change though many people that pass on through here have said that it is still a great place to stay at. Be sure to also pick up your chips and cards in case you missed your chance!     The Fitzgeralds had a name change. The new owners went with the name change The D! Named after a reference to the new CEO Derek Stevens. Here's a picture after they remodeled it with the name change in place. Here are the chips and cards for the Fitzgerald in case you did not get a chance to pick these items up.     Sahara closed down last year in May but many still ask about it. The property is expected to reopen in 2014 as the S.L.S. While you wait for the reopening here are chips and cards you can purchase to add to your collection.     There are your updates regarding these casinos! Come back to our blog on Friday regarding our Friday Auction Chips!
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