Raffle drums are designed for use for a variety of occasions.

They provide fun opportunities for your friends and or customers.

Two styles we carry here at Spinettis are acrylic and brass raffle drums.

The acrylic raffle drum adds excitement as the people participating in the raffle watch the acrylic raffle drum pile up with tickets.

We carry them in different ranges of sizes.They all have an easy to open hinged door with an acrylic lever that is easy to turn.

The brass raffle drum we carry have a perforated metal pattern so you can still see inside of it.

They are made from high quality, wear and tear resistant brass plated steels. The brass raffle drums also include an easy to grip wooden turning handle and a ticket drop slot to insert the raffle tickets without having to open the door.

The sizes we carry these in vary from 2,000 tickets for $125 up to 15,000 tickets for $259!

If you only need them for a one time use you are in luck, we also rent out the raffle drums!

Click on the link or any of the pictures above to rent a brass raffle drum!

Raffle Drum Rentals!!!

Give us a call if you want to order any of these raffle drums or if you want any information on them we would be more than happy to help!


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