Yes we sell... but we also BUY!

Rarely a day goes by where someone doesn't come into our store looking to sell us something. We normally pass on all things non-gaming related but as a rule we just about always make an offer on casino collectibles. Whether they be chips, silver strikes, casino photos, ashtrays, decanters, porcelain, casino menus, showroom programs, matchbooks, swizzle sticks, signage, dice, cards, tables, roulette wheels... you name it. If it has a casino name or came from a casino we could very well be interested and make you an offer. The only casino collectibles that we usually pass on are limited edition casino chips and slot tokens since we already have a rather extensive inventory of these items (and the number of collectors that want them are few). Just bring what you've got into our Las Vegas store and let us make you an offer. If you are not in Las Vegas and have something you think we might be interested in give us a call or email us a photo. Turn that dust-gathering-casino-stuff cluttering up your home into cold hard cash. So we negotiate when we buy but sometimes we even negotiate when we sell... Did you know that we take your offers into consideration on our casino collectibles? Reasonable offers are often accepted even if it's below our marked price or book value. Let's try this one for instance...

So there you have it... here at Spinettis Gaming we sell, we buy and most importantly we're negotiable when it comes to casino collectibles.

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