$2 Casino Chips at Spinettis
In the past, we’ve told you about $2.50 and $20 casino chips. Today, we are going to tell you about $2 casino chips.

To start with, probably most of you know that $2 chips are used in the game of poker. You can find $2 casino chips at $2/$4 limited poker games. Having $2 chips makes it easier for dealers because it reduces the amount of $1 chips that are on the poker table. $2 chips are also used for a poker game’s rake.

For some, the favorite term for a $2 chip is called a drop chip. Some people also claim that $2 chips have popped up in $1/$2 poker cash games. For some, they believe having the $2 chip in a $1/$2 cash game can be inconvenient. Some players prefer to play with $1 and $5 chips.

Based on our research this week, there have been more specialty casino games that reportedly have used $2 casino chips as well. In casino history, there were $2 blackjack tables back in the day because dealers would needed half the chips according to Robert Pardue on The Chip Board.
According to chip collector and Spinettis fan Brian Kaefer, on his recent visit to Green Valley Ranch in search of a new $2 chip this year, he told me recently on The Chip Board:

“I don't have any info about the past, but the new GVR $2 that was recently approved, was created specifically for Pai Gow. I was told this directly by the cage supervisor & pit supervisor over their Pai Gow tables.” 
Some in this chip hobby love to collect odd denomination chips like Brian. The $2 chip for sure goes in that direction. Below you will find our collection of $2 casino chips for sale. You can purchase each one by clicking the picture below:
   Landmark 1972 Chip                                         Palace Station 2006 Chip
Wynn 2005 Chip                                                 Venetian 2009 Chip
Sahara 1970s Chip                                Caesars Palace 2005 Chip
Red Rock 2006 Chip                                         Orleans 2007 Chip  
Plaza 1999 Chip                                                El Capitan 1976 Chip 
Regency Casino 1979                                    Sopers Casino 1965 Chip
Jax Club Chip 1980s                                   Monte Carlo 2011 Chip
Rio Chip 2006                                                  Sahara Chip 1996 
Santa Fe Chip 2007                              Silverton $2 New Year Chip 2006
Chris Moneymaker Binion's Chip 2004       Harvey's Chip 1970s
Harvey's Chip 1976 with Panes             Trocadero Casino Chip 1996
Foxwoods Casino Chip 1998                      Hustler Casino Chip 2000s
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