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The Orbit Inn Hotel & Casino

This week we move away from the glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas Strip and focus our attention to a small, long gone Downtown Casino that is often overlooked and forgotten by both the Las Vegas memorabilia collectors and locals alike, the Orbit Inn.

The Orbit Inn first opened in 1964 as a 73 unit, three story motel; part of the Best Western chain of hotels. It was the type of motel that a person or a couple on a tight budget would stay at while visiting Las Vegas, "unremarkable but clean enough" was a fitting description by a former occupant. It boasted a rooftop pool and air conditioning "by refrigeration" according to its advertisements.

The Orbit Inn would have had an unremarkable life and eventually fade into obscurity if not for Army deserter Richard James Paris. On the night of January 7, 1967 for reasons still unknown to this day, as his wife slept in the bed in the room they shared, he shot a bullet from a pistol into a pile of fifty sticks of dynamite. The explosion instantly killed him, his wife Christine, four other innocent hotel guests and injured another eight people.  The resulting blast destroyed part of the roof of the Orbit Inn and partially collapsed the second and third floors onto the ground floor.

Photo from the Las Vegas Sun's 1967 story about the explosion at the Orbit Inn.


After the completed investigation that involved local law enforcement, the FBI and demolition experts from nearby Nellis Air Force Base, the Orbit Inn was repaired. The repairs cost $200,000 only $50,000 less than the original cost to build the Orbit Inn only three short years before in 1964.
In 1974 the Orbit Inn changed ownership and the new owners added a small casino to the property.  The now new Orbit Inn Hotel & Casino  featured a small but well planned out gaming floor decorated with what was once described as "cheesy and elaborate sci-fi decor."
The Orbit Inn Hotel & Casino changed hands many times throughout the late 1970's and 80's, finally closing its doors for the last time in 1987.  The abandoned building was torn down in the mid-2000's and today the former location of the Orbit Inn is occupied by the Downtown Container Park.

Orbit Inn Casino Chips

The chips from the Orbit Inn date from 1976 and are part of the first series of chips used when the casino was added to the property.

Chips from the Orbit Inn Hotel & Casino make a unique addition to any collection of Las Vegas Casino Chips. 

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Orbit Inn 1986 $1.00 Chip

This chip dates from 1986 just one year before the Orbit Inn closed its door forever.
The Chips from the Orbit in are perfect for any collector who wants a chip for a lesser known casino for their collection.
Orbit Inn Fantasy Chip
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