Random Plus Casino Blackjack Automatic Shuffler 1-6 Decks 2007 Model

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$1,999 USD


Random Plus Casino Blackjack Automatic Shuffler 1-6 Decks. This is a 2007 model.

Easy to use shuffler that sits on the table. The back lid opens up to place the cards inside. Then just turn the machine on, wait for the LCD screen to show how many decks or cards you are shuffling. Once it is all correct press shuffle (green button) and it will shuffle the cards for you.


15.5" Tall x 8" Wide x 23" Length

LCD Screen: 1.5" Tall x 2.5" Length

Poker sized cards will only work on this machine, bridge sized cards will not work. Plastic coated paper or generic casino cards will work best with this too.

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