Copag Spanish Deck of Playing Cards Bridge Size

CopagSKU: 831705003061

color deck: Blue
$2 USD


The Baraja (literally deck/pack of cards) is a Spanish set of playing cards with some resemblance to the 52-card Anglo-American-French deck, but is usually made up of only 40 cards. It has a quite high resemblance to the Italian deck.

The Baraja is used to play several games: el mus (a very popular and highly regarded vying game of Basque origin) la brisca (a trick-taking game of Italian origin, very popular in Spain, Portugal and Puerto Rico) el tute (with many variations) el guiote la escoba del quince (a trick-taking game) el julepe el cinquillo las siete y media la mona el truc (or truco) el cuajo (a matching game from the Philippines) las cuarenta (a fishing game, the national card game of Equador)

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