100 Customized 18mm Dice


$139.95 USD 

This auction is for 100 brand new CUSTOMIZED 18mm dice:
  • Choose from three colors of dice: Red, Green or Blue
  • Choose your hotstamp foil color: Silver, Gold or White
  • They are brightly colored, 18mm and brand new with rounded corners.
  • Your price includes custom artwork, magnesium die and 100 18mm dice
  • We can imprint on the "1", "2", "4" or "6" side of the dice
  • Custom dice can be used for anything that you can imagine! Business Cards, Games, art projects, gifts, craps, etc...   

Since this is a customized product that requires artwork to be completed & approved as well as a die made and the dice imprinted we require 21 business days after artwork approval.  Please note that we cannot hotstamp dice you already own, extremely detailed images will not come out well and we cannot use any copyrighted images.  Feel free to call if you have any concerns about the image you want reproduced on your custom dice.  Lastly we ask that you timely respond to emails received.  Creating a custom product is an interactive process during artwork creation where your input will definitely be required.

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